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how has peer teaching affected how you approached your studies

How has peer teaching affected how you approach your studies 

         Peer teaching has not really affected my studies, and if it did, peer teaching would have affected my studies in a good way.

Peer teaching has been a beneficial experience for me. It has opened me up to talk to other people that I don't normally talk to, and it has also made me less of a procrastinator. Just because I see it pretty much every day, it makes me make up the motivation to not procrastinate, and it also makes me have the motivation to help other students not procrastinate. 

Peer teaching has been awesome experience for me and honestly I would recommend peer teaching to anyone.


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Has this experience changed my future plans

Has this experience changed my future plans  This experience has not changed my future plans in life. Sometimes when I am in class I think that teaching or helping other students could be something I could do for the rest of my life. I am not that bad at helping students, I just need to get out of my shell a bit more, talk more, and not be scared to help students.

Nothing has really changed in my life. I still think that I am set on going to school to become a paramedic.

How might skills you've learned in peer- teaching affect your potential career plan

The skills I have learned in peer-teaching has affected my potential career plans in a good way. It has helped me, in a way, to work with other students or people that I don't really talk to on a daily basis. It has opened me up more and taught me not be shy because I can't be shy when talking to students. This is a skill that I have learned in peer-teaching, that it will help me when I get a potential career as a primary care paramedic because I have to be able to talk to my patients that I will be working on as a paramedic, and I also have to be able to talk to my partner, so peer- teaching has helped me in good ways and taught me good skills that I need.

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Describe your own style of leadership, in relation to your placement teacher's style 
                 My placement Teachers teaching style is very cheerful and enthusiastic and when she teaches it is very interesting. She is a very organized, happy, and fun teacher. I am very happy the I got her for a placement teacher.

My leadership style is very quiet and I feel very fearful that I will say the wrong thing, but most of the time I feel like most of the students are afraid of me. Well I wouldn't blame them, I am an older student and I don't know most of them outside of the class. I have a very different leadership style than my placement teacher.